Jenn + Toru :: Downtown Los Angeles Wedding


Hilton Checkers to Los Angeles Public Library to Oviatt Penthouse. BAM.


The whole day was so zen and joyous. Getting ready was such a calm and beautiful time. The bridal suite was gushing love and gratitude (along with a sprinkling of happy tears and an appropriate dash of dancing!). The groom's room was relaxed and happy.

They had their first look at the Los Angeles Public Library. Such a beautiful background! I love how Jenn was surprised (even though she knew he was coming!). 

After their sunset ceremony in the garden of the Oviatt Penthouse THE PARTY STARTED (with a 6-minute choreographed dance!). And I don't think the party will ever end :)

I love these two. Check out their engagements >>here<<

Maria + Gerardo :: San Fernando Mission & Los Angeles County Arboretum Wedding


Maria and Gerardo are sweet. 

Maria is quiet and reserved. It can be hard to photograph this type of personality (especially under wedding day timeline pressure!) but Gerardo steps onto the scene and opens her right up. They really become something else entirely when they're together. 

Their wedding began at the San Fernando Mission. They carved out hours for romantic portraits at the Los Angeles County Arboretum, and it was soooo worth it! It was really their first relaxed moments alone as husband and wife, and I'm so glad I could capture it them :)

Then we moved along to their PARTY. Mariachi, dancing...and SHOTS! :):):) 

Sam + Jordan :: Hollywood Engagements


GET IT, guys! :) I just...can't! They are so adorable together.

In real life, their connection is so apparent. They are SOLID. These two are really on a journey together. They've spent lots of time long-distance, knowing that one day, everything would fit together to have them in the same place. And the day came! It's here! TIME TO PARTY (aka, HAVE A WEDDING :P).

I'm going to share their wedding, soon. It was one of the most emotional blending of families I have ever witnessed. I criiiiied like a baby during speeches. I can't wait to share!