Jefferson's Monticello ∞ Virginia Lifestyle Photography

I wonder how much it would cost to purchase Jefferson's Monticello...Just kidding. But, no, seriously. 

Rich and I are In. Love. But who isn't? Jefferson put so much thought and care into designing his estate. It's easy to see how his home and his ideas still inspire so much in the people who study them. 

Original (I think) beams in the basement/all-weather pathways.

We visited the museum last week and had such a blast. It was an unseasonably warm winter day, and due to the off-season we had the place (and some pretty awesome tourguides/historians) practically to ourselves. 

My favorite shot of the day - off Mulberry Row.

It was also the first time I brought the new 5DMKII out for a trip and GAH - I am in love. Even with the little cheapo 50mm 1.8, the images are stunning. The way it captures light is just so lovely. I can't wait to get the 50mm 1.2 bad-boy on there! [Excuse the photog speak. If you're eyes are glazing, feel free to read on - I'm done. For now :P]

Jefferson's grave: "Here was buried / Thomas Jefferson / Author of the Declaration of American Independence / of the Statute of Virginia for religious freedom / Father of the University of Virginia"

We also went a little further to the University of Virginia, which Jefferson designed.