M&S Redlands Wedding at the Mitten Building and Kimberly Crest House ∞ Redlands Wedding Photographer


Maria & Steve were married on their 8th dating anniversary. Let's hear it, the collective "Awwwww!"

They'd waited so long to tie the knot, they really had one goal in mind. HAVE FUN. (Second goal: look fierce. I added that...because they did!) These two were obviously meant to be together. Their moments alone (well, as alone as they could be on their wedding day) were filled with laughter and what I can only describe as an easiness. They fit together. It was so much fun watching them tie the knot! (Or in this case, get lassoed together. Seriously! Scroll down for details!)

Side note: They also had the seriously-most-awesomest money dancing family. At the end, the are covered in dollar tails, socks, and even hair bows. So. Much. Fun.

Killer eyelashes. A vintage car. Giggles. Tears (the happy kind). A frosting fight. Breaking it down on the dancefloor. And a healthy dose of funny faces. It's all here. I hope y'all enjoy :)