N&N's DIY Treehouse Wedding ∞ Southern California Wedding Photographer

BKM-5D-20120929 -0187.jpg

As members of the Burning Man community, N & N's wedding was all about expressing their individuality and celebrating with the people they love the most. The rustic Nature Friends lodge is on a steep, forested hill that had the feeling of a treehouse. There were unicorn cake-toppers, robot cupcakes, glowsticks on the dance floor...and the groom's vows  included a line from Princess Bride ("as you wish"), that may or may not have caused this photog to squeeze out a tear. 

The biggest piece of awesome, though, was their choice of a unity ceremony. Some light candles, some pour sand. This couple set off their own volcano! A chemical reaction that can hardly be undone :) The wedding was such a great example of how an incredibly unique couple can be true to their quirkiness without sacrificing one iota of class. 

It was such an honor to be present at this lovefest in the woods! I hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed being there!