Surprise! Mike & Jen's Capitol Engagement ∞ Washington, DC Photographer

Three weeks ago, I received an inquiry from a Mike in Pennsylvania looking to have the very moment of his engagement to Jen captured in a photograph at the mall in DC (Jen's favorite city).

Two weeks ago, we spoke on the phone for the first time. "I'm so excited! I'm really counting on you, Brittany!"

A week ago we spoke to tie up some loose ends. Share a google map with a big arrow on it, right where I had scouted the best benches. "I want it to go perfectly, I am so stressed out! And she is my person to talk to about stress, who do I talk to!?" (Really, how sweet could he be?)

On Saturday, I saw a purple umbrella walking toward me on the mall. That was his identifier. I was wearing the get-out tackiest yellow scarf in existence. "You can't miss it!" I told him. "Plus, I'll have the big camera." 

Mike asked my assistant (ahem, the hubby) to snap a photo with his point and click. And then...BAM. 

As someone who has been on the other side of an photographed location proposal, I think I enjoyed this way more than I'm allowed ;) It surely helped that Mike is a total down-to-earth sweet-as-pie guy and the way he talked about Jen, I couldn't wait to meet her. (And she did not disappoint!) I could not be more honored that I'm a part of their engagement memories! Best wishes, guys! You two are absolutely beautiful together.