Hardly Hibernating

It is spring and I am ready for action! This winter was slow as far as outdoor portraits (duh, right?) but not slow in any other department. 

I visited New York for the first time in January, had the privilege of working on an eco-friendly children's craft book in February, and just returned from a trip to London. This winter has left me refreshed and inspired and I can't wait for my portraits and weddings coming up.

Good thing I'm in this get 'er done mood because we've learned that the husband is getting transferred to Los Angeles! We're uprooting the house, the tiny animals, and the business and heading to the opposite coast come mid-summer. A pretty big undertaking, but I'll be moving full steam on the photography front, regardless. BKM Photography will make the transition on July 1. After that date I will be accepting California clients :) Excited is an understatement!

There's a new price structure under the services tab on the site and more changes are coming. I'll be throwing up photos from all the recent travels and a few sessions and some sneaks of the book, too. 

LOTS going on - busy busy and I love it. I leave you with this, I miss it:


Big Ben clock tower at sunset. Swoon. Click to enlarge, it's worth it :P