Arriving in LA ∞ Los Angeles Photographer

We arrived in LA late on a Wednesday night. Early Thursday morning, we rubbed our eyes and found ourselves in the Garden of Eden. Richard's grandmother is a master gardener and oh my. I could live in her backyard. Here is Rich, harvesting our breakfast of loquats:

I thought this tree was Amazing! Beautiful! Breakfast from your backyard! 

Since then, I've learned of her avocado, tangelo, grapefruit, and i'm-sure-i've-forgotten-a-few trees. My awe was not dulled as the list grew. 

This is where native Angelenos stop reading and laugh because Haha, California noob! But, oh man, I am not even listening because this was a euphoric moment for me. A sunny, relaxed morning. Just enough nip in the air to make a hot coffee a required accessory. Fresh fruit off the tree, y'all. I love(d) Texas, DC was engaging and interesting...but LA....We will be taking this city by storm. Watchout!

Also, when I visit little ol' Wylie, Texas this summer and see tourists outside of the decidedly uninteresting Southfork Ranch (where the show Dallas was filmed, about 5 minutes from my mother's house, and YES - where my high school held senior prom), walking through real cow shit in weather over a hundred degrees with 70% humidity, trying to take photos of this "landmark?" I will so get mine...