Settling in LA ∞ Los Angeles Portrait Photographer

Whew. It's been a whirlwind summer so far.

We fiiiinally moved into our new place just two weeks ago. The Husband coordinated all of the heavy lifting without me - I was back in Virginia to shoot a wedding and a few more gigs (to be posted, soon!). I took my time driving from the East and stopped in Dallas for a while to hang with family and spend time with my much neglected Dallas peeps. (Yes, that's PEEPS. P-E-E-P-S.)

It didn't take much convincing to have my brothers accompany me from Dallas, and we had a blast in the New Mexico mountains, at the Grand Canyon, and in all the skeezy hotels all along the way. (Needless to say, pictures to come!)

The boys stayed for a week and flew home this past Friday, marking the true beginning of our real life in LA (vacation = OVER). 

Our weekend was full of organizing, unpacking, furniture shopping, floor-planning, photo editing, copywriting, blog drafting, and omg more. LA life is officially in full swing and I am loving it. My house is a wreck, my to-do list is as long as I am tall (which actually isn't saying much, lol), but man, I am zen. One day at a time, one check-mark at a time, I'm putting the puzzle together and I am enjoying the task.

(Though the thought of moving any time soon is enough to make me decidedly UNzen. Like a broken record, I keep telling Rich - more like announcing to him - spontaneously, during whichever homemaking task is at hand: I'M LIVING HERE FOR FIVE YEARS. AT LEAST FIVE YEARS! OKAY? GET IT!? He just nods silently. What a good guy.)

I leave you with this: our new view.

I don't expect you to know that it's Hollywood because if I didn't live here, now, I wouldn't know. But it is! Promise :) Have a happy Monday, y'all!