New! Boudoir ∞ Los Angeles Boudoir Photographer


I'm really thrilled to start offering boudoir sessions! I had a criminally fun time building this portfolio to share with you, and I can't wait to photograph more!

Boudoir, to me, is all about empowerment and acceptance of ourselves and our bodies and getting in touch with how beautiful you really are. It was amazing to watch these gorgeous ladies transform in front of the camera. 

Sure, hair and makeup is superficially transformative, but the real change that took place was a shedding of insecurities and finding a brilliant self-confidence in front of the camera. Nearly every single one started a little (understandably) shy about being photographed in their underwear. "Uhm, can you photoshop this?" While pointing somewhere on their body.


But by the end of the sessions? I'd show them the back of the camera and hear, "Oh my God, that looks so good! How about this!?" (while demonstrating an unbelievably sexy, confident pose.) One that I'm not allowed to share on the internet.


UHM. YES. Girl power. RAWR.

Boudoir photography is a process. It's all about finding that confidence. Finding your fierce. It's owning your individual beauty. You may want to take these as a gift for a lover (and they DO make a fantastic gift) but I think every woman should have boudoir photos taken for themselves. Hear that single ladies? You can, and should, get in on this too!


Boudoir sessions start at $600, including hair & makeup, studio or hotel, and leather-bound layflat press printed book. Group rates are available! This is so much fun with a group of girlfriends (and maybe a bottle or two of champagne).