The Stop In Station Grand Opening

On Friday night, making my way down to Black Hogg for a late dinner, I stopped to admire some new signage: Grand opening, Saturday! I exclaimed (loudly and…tipsily). That’s tomorrow. We should go!

Yeah, you should! Said a voice coming from the alley below the sign. A bearded fellow popped out of the shadows and invited us in to check out the courtyard and shops of the new Stop In Station collective. We ducked in, leaving the rest of our party tromping along the street, none the wiser. (Until, of course, they thought we were abducted and started calling frantically.) The bearded fellow turned out to be John Ownes, master barista and owner of Cafeina Galeria.

I guess we could have been abducted. But we hadn’t been. We just made a new friend. This is Silver Lake.

On Saturday night, The Stop In Station collective (3318-20 Sunset Blvd) hosted a Grand Opening celebration. The building’s shiny new façade was painted by local artist Bailey Biggers, whose photography work was on display throughout the space. Festivities started at 6 p.m. with free gift bags, cake, and live performances in their cozy courtyard by Up Down Up, Dear Left Brain, Downtown Train, Jew Cocks, Eekis, and the Jim Dolore Project.

The collective includes Hot Mess Vintage, Cafeina Galeria, Saint of Me, Eco-Apothecary, and Eden Condensed. Business hours are 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. Thursday through Sunday.

They host an open mic the second Thursday of every month.

Stop in to The Stop In Station and get some of your needs met. Find a hat. Drink a coffee. Listen to some local music. Support our local businesses!

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