When It All Comes Together ∞ A New Beginning

BOOM new site.jpg

My new site! It's done!

I know it seems kind of crazy to have a new beginning 7 months after you make a big move, but it is what it is. It's taken me time to get adjusted here in L.A., just like D.C. before and Central Texas before that. It takes time to figure out where I fit in the big puzzle of this insane (and amazing) city.

My online presence, over the last 5 years, has been compartmentalized, then regrouped, then stripped down, then embellished.


Before becoming a photographer, I had a hyper-personal blog. I wrote about my new life in a new, tiny town with the new fiance who became my new husband. It morphed into a photo blog when I discovered my passion for photography and documentation. Soon enough, I felt self-conscious about the site and deleted it. In D.C. I had a business-only site. Sometimes I would share personal bits, then delete them. I was so worried that I would be devisive and turn off clients.

Somewhere in all of this transition, I lost my voice and my first passion, writing. (I was a creative writing geek in high school, yep.) I stopped sharing dreams, aspirations, travels, and music online. Bkm-photography.com became a place for business and business only. It has never felt right. Especially because, as a photographer, there is no way to sterilize yourself out of your business. When someone hires a photographer, they are hiring a PERSON. Living, breathing, with a mind/heart/soul. They're not just purchasing images.


In L.A. my urge to explore and share has spilled over into the online world once again. I'm finding my footing and my voice in this vast city that I have fallen entirely head over heels for. So I created a separate blog. Then I started a separate commercial site for travel and music (I've been shooting a TON of shows, lately). And it feels good! This exploring and sharing and yelling from the internet rooftops about the things I enjoy. But what I don't feel like screaming from the rooftops about? Maintaining 4 sites/blogs + various social media. KILLER.

And that doesn't feel right, either. I've never been one to compartmentalize myself. I just can't. You get none of me or all of me. All of my lines bleed together. It's all black and white and gray. Get to know me (seriously, shoot me an email!) and you can see for yourself.


So with THIS - all this blabber - I introduce my new site. It's all of me. All of my amazing clients from weddings to families, children, and headshots. My live music portfolio. My travel photos, and random Los Angeles love (there's a lot of that!). This is where it all comes together.

I'm ready to let it all hang out. It just feels right.