Jenn + Toru :: Sundrenched Engagements


Manhattan Beach isn't just a location pulled out of a hat for Jenn and Toru. It's a place they often go to just be. Even though they live Downtown, they manage what most Angelenos only dream of - frequent trips to the calming sea. 

Toru surfs every morning before heading into the office. Jenn wakes before 6am to practice and teach yoga, before helping others as a physical therapist. Weekends they go to the beach, practicing their own meditations separately, but together. 


There is a steadiness to Jenn and Toru. They are equally strong and assured individuals, choosing to lean on one another to be greater in sum. They are absolutely the reason I do what I do! Letting my couples just exist in front of my camera... Witnessing and sharing their love and giving them tangible memories. It really is such an honor. 

I shot their 100% DTLA wedding in January.  Keep an eye out, I cannot wait to share.