Don't Forget! "Getting Ready" Time


Having your photographer present while you are getting ready on your wedding day isn't nearly as awkward as it may sound ;) 


In fact, I've found that arriving early while the bride and groom are prepping makes for a much more relaxed atmosphere. By the time of your wedding, we'll be well acquainted (at least a couple meetings and an engagement session under our belts), but I won't know your parents and bridal party nearly as well. The "getting ready" time is perfect for to meet all of your key players, and places the photographer squarely on the "inside" of the day's upcoming events. I'm not someone who just shows up to the ceremony like distant Cousin Sally. I'm embedded where the action is, in the intimate inner circle.


By the time the bridal party is finishing up details, I've become just another one of the group - a prime position to capture meaningful candids.