S+E :: Newhall Mansion Vintage Wedding


This couple is amazing! So in love and GORGEOUS! They are both former models, and the wedding played out like a styled shoot. Their propensity for posing shows in my imagery - a little less candid than usual. But that goes to show - I shoot what's there! It's my job to capture the essence of the day and the individual couple. 

 >>first look<<

 >>first look<<

It's important when you're looking for a wedding photographer that you love their portfolio - but remember that your event will have a uniquely affect their work. 


I definitely have a "style." After looking at a few of my blog posts, you may be able to pick my images out of a line up. I think this consistency is good! But each wedding varies and my methods change slightly to capture the setting. Every event and couple is different, and in my opinion, should be approached as such. 

 >>the groom loved back to the future!<<

 >>the groom loved back to the future!<<


Photographed with William Innes Photography at the Newhall Mansion in Piru, CA.