Classic Los Angeles Wedding

Jessica and Joel had a classic Los Angeles wedding ❤️ Jessica and her ladies prepared in their home near Dodger's Stadium, Joel and his guys in the JW Marriott at LA Live. Everyone made their way to the valley for their beautiful ceremony, then to the San Fernando Mission for formal photos. We climbed back into the limo for, I mean, to drive back to the historic Alexandria Hotel. En route, we couldn't help but flick on the hazards for a quick urban photo sesh in the middle of Downtown ;)

It was a crazy busy day, but so full of love and meaning for these two native Angelenos! It was such an honor to capture their day, their love, and their city. 


And I'm so so happy to congratulate them on expecting their first baby! BOTTOMS UP! 

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Grand Central Market DTLA Engagement Session

Amit and Annie are dreamy. Not just in looks and love, but in fierce spirit and character. They are both active in supporting LGBTQ rights and committed to equality for everyone, as well as one another in their own relationship. They each took turns proposing to the other. Annie to Amit with a pack of sheltie dogs on a beach. Amit to Annie with a platter of cheese and trifle. Both instances totally surrounded by friends. Serious #relationship goals, y'all. 

We decided on a Downtown Los Angeles engagement session, focusing on a visit and meal at Grand Central Market. There was no better place to capture their love of a connected and urban lifestyle and their passion for FOOD! I'm not just tossing around the term "passion," people. Amit's instagram is drool-worthy and makes me insanely hungry every time I look at it! 

I so enjoyed our walk, our meal, our conversation, and their adorable faces. I can't wait to share their wedding, soon! xo

Mount Washington, Los Angeles Intimate At-Home Engagement Session Photography

*sigh* I love NELA. I love my neighbors and the couples it brings me. I love the intimate venues. I just love the way it looks and FEELS.

No couple characterizes this better than some of my recent faves - Lauren and Blaise. We had our first meeting at Civil Coffee on Fig (I should have had the meeting at my home office, but Civil is just too damn tantalizing!). 

We shot this calm and lovely engagement session in their Mount Washington home. Lauren and Blaise are sweet, sophisticated. They love food and love each other. I hope it all shows in this set! 

I'll be sharing their (also local!) Huron Substation wedding, soon :) I can't wait!


How to Host Your Badass Wedding Reception at a Bar

1. Be enough of a gourmet cocktail lovin' boozehound that no one is surprised when you announce your wedding reception at the eternally cool yet simultaneously down-to-earth Oldfield’s Liquor Room in Culver City. 

2. Create a website with your custom design and logo with enough backend mechanics that it creates a unique experience for every guest depending on the information you’ve provided. 

3. Make your own photobooth with a Raspberry Pi, simple camera + light setup, and homemade backdrop.

4. Be awesome enough that you have longstanding deep relationships and a wide friend base to support a craft night in which you get drunk and hand etch hundreds of custom cocktail glasses. Bake insanely delicious cupcakes and place them in aforementioned hand-etched glassware, just days before the wedding (you won't be busy, don't worry!). Call them “cake-tails” because you are witty, dammit. 

5. Be so entirely awesome and fun all day long that your photographer wishes she has known you forever and is moderately depressed when her professional duties are over.

Lacey and Peter blew me away with their amazing wedding reception. It was such a genuine representation of themselves and their ingenuity. It truly showcased the depth of their relationships of their friends and family, as everyone really came together to make the event go off without a hitch. 

The general party atmosphere they created…it was such an honor to capture. Events like this don’t JUST HAPPEN. The demeanor and stress level of a wedding event totally trickles down from the couple themselves. Lacey and Peter were calm, loving, and ready to have a rager. It was so so so much fun. 

The two had their wedding ceremony at the South Coast Botanic Garden earlier in the day. I can't wait to share that, also!

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Vista Hermosa Park Engagement Session

I SWEAR - Jessica and Joel are a real BKM couple! They just LOOK like models in a perfectly curated styled shoot. All props were courtesy of Jessica's infectious enthusiasm. Jessica's big grin courtesy of Joel ;)

These two are wildly in love and it's so fun to watch. 

We met at Vista Hermosa Park - a little slice of nature looking over Downtown Los Angeles. Their condo isn't far. Their instagram feeds are full of Dodgers games, along with a few snapshots of their Coachella adventures. These two ARE Los Angeles, and I can't get enough. 

Jessica and Joel, I had a total blast hanging out with you on a perfect Southern California evening, sipping wine as the sun set over DTLA. I cannot wait for your wedding!


To see their Classic Los Angeles Wedding photos, click here!

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Breakfast & Beach Engagement Session

Laurie and Hunter had a marathon engagement session that spanned from the early afternoon to sunset. Luckily, I adore spending time with them!

We chatted about their upcoming wedding, family dynamics, and their ooey-gooey love over mimosas and bacon. (Need to bribe me? I'll do anything for mimosas and bacon...)

Laurie and Hunter have known one another since high school. Laurie's long-time crush turned into an ambush that turned into dating...they lived abroad together, then returned stateside to begin (what we now know as) their happily ever after.

They wanted to capture the coziness and intimacy of their longterm relationship with a casual act: making breakfast in their PJs. Laurie is even wearing the same PJ shorts she wore when they met (awwwwww). 

I caught some on-the-bed cuddles, then we finished off the session with a  sunset stroll to the beach.

It was perfect. It was cozy but romantic, practical but sweet. It encompassed who Laurie and Hunter are and what they mean to each other.

Laurie and Hunter, I can't wait to capture your wedding in Mexico!

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Chasing Shadows

*image and words imported from instagram*

"I spent the first 7 years chasing light. Now, I find myself chasing the shadows."

During a comfortable conversation about life, decorating, art, and more, I found myself blurting this out to a friend over coffee. "I spent the first 7 years chasing light. Now, I find myself chasing the shadows." It was like a lightbulb went off in my mind. I have felt my photography style and motivations changing over the last 6 months, but I haven't been able to put it into words...or even really tried.

This is why taking a break is so important. This is why Pajama Friends are so important. (Friends who can come over, even when you are in your pajamas and the house it a wreck. The mess doesn't matter, so long as you can spend a few quality minutes talking stream-of-conscious style over a cup of coffee and a Little Debbie snack, because that's all you have in your pantry.) So, thanks @jessicasews for being my Pajama Friend. For being such a helpful creative soundboard. For having high artistic standards that are a total inspiration 😘


Griffith Observatory Engagements

I kind of gushed about this session on Instagram and I totally stand by what I said! Lacey and Peter are so awesome. They are themselves. They are "sweet, funny, goofy, gorgeous." I really can't wait to shoot their wedding in May, but until then, I really wanted to share my favorite engagements images here.

I brought my 35mm film camera to their session, and we wrapped up with a roll of Portra 400 and a partial roll of Ilford HP5. I loooove how they turned out, and I edited the rest of the session based on the film look. 

Griffith Observatory is one of my favorite places to shoot. It's very L.A., very architectural, slightly urban, but also pretty nature-y if you head 10 seconds down any of the trails. Lacey and Peter wanted to focus on the architecture, and that we did. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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