Here's to the New Year

Image taken at ta friend's Uttarayan gathering at Manhattan Beach. Objective: Celebrate the new year by flying kites. Yes, please!

Well hello, old friend.

I miss writing and sharing…and oversharing. Reflecting on past/present/future work is meditative and invaluable to me, helping me clear a space and create a path toward my goals. My 2016 has found me bursting with energy and creative flow, and I’m itching to bring others – friends, colleagues, and clients – along on my journey.

For the last year, BKM Photography has been pretty quiet. Pregnancy, birth, and nurturing – focusing on building my family and offline community – have taken a huge toll on my visibility and engagement.

I have continued taking on couples and photographing fun and badass weddings, but I have done a piss poor job of sharing and celebrating my work in public forums. In 2015 I took down my blog, stripped down my site, and sucked out a lot of my own personality in the process. In hindsight, I was completely lost in the identity crisis of new motherhood.

This might seem a weird, talking about myself and family on my site that is primarily dedicated to weddings, but the parallel is there. Getting married, smooshing your life and soul with another, it’s big. Planning a wedding is the incubation and the wedding is the birth of an all new lifestyle. Sometimes our deeper thoughts/emotions/self-care get lost in the shuffle. When the honeymoon is over, we don’t’ know how to introduce ourselves.

So who am I, now? Am I the same person? Hunkered down in the newborn trenches of the first year, I really wasn’t sure. Now the fog has lifted, and I’ve had a chance to look in the mirror. I was so hesitant, peeking through a scrunched face and squinty eyes. But it turns out, I like what I see. I AM the same, but different. I’m better than before. I have more purpose and direction, clear goals and a fire under my ass to achieve them.

I’m taking the reigns this year in so many ways. I want BKM Photography and this little corner of the internet to serve as a safe space for couples AND myself. I’ve been experimenting with film, I’ve been changing how I approach sessions, and I’ve been renegotiating my work/life balance. I need this to be a space of transparency and honesty. I want to help couples get real with their weddings, give them valuable insight, and give them the permission to cut the shit, if they need it. I’m also getting real with myself and BKM Photography goals. Declaring them to the world is a big step in accountability. It’s a little scary, but it’s going to be SO worth it.