SmogShoppe, Culver City Wedding


Karin and Jeremy's 2015 feels simultaneously like yesterday and 100 years ago! I can't believe it was 2015. Never blogged, thanks to my wee baby girl and adjusting to life as a new mom. But this wedding has to be posted! It was so filled with fun, laughter, and happy tears.

Their wedding day started at the gorgeous Culver Hotel with bagels and champagne. They DIYed their flowers, hair/makeup, shoe design, and even the bridesmaid dresses! Sewing is one of Karin's favorite past times. After their first look, I witnessed one of the most heartfelt Ketubah signings of my entire career. The atmosphere was beautiful and heavy - the upstairs of the SmogShoppe was the perfect intimate space. After the ceremony, guests were treated to breakfast for dinner. Soooo tasty. The party finished with an AWESOME dance floor that can only be credited to Karin and Jeremy's amazing tastes because this was AN IPOD wedding! No DJ! Kinda scary, I'm not gonna lie, but this one turned out pretty freakin' great! 

Since their wedding day, I've photographed them as guests at one of their bridesmaids weddings and still follow most of their crew on instagram - they are just GOOD people. I'm so happy that my work brought me into their world. 


Wedding photographed by Brittany and Jayrol.

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