How to Host Your Badass Wedding Reception at a Bar

1. Be enough of a gourmet cocktail lovin' boozehound that no one is surprised when you announce your wedding reception at the eternally cool yet simultaneously down-to-earth Oldfield’s Liquor Room in Culver City. 

2. Create a website with your custom design and logo with enough backend mechanics that it creates a unique experience for every guest depending on the information you’ve provided. 

3. Make your own photobooth with a Raspberry Pi, simple camera + light setup, and homemade backdrop.

4. Be awesome enough that you have longstanding deep relationships and a wide friend base to support a craft night in which you get drunk and hand etch hundreds of custom cocktail glasses. Bake insanely delicious cupcakes and place them in aforementioned hand-etched glassware, just days before the wedding (you won't be busy, don't worry!). Call them “cake-tails” because you are witty, dammit. 

5. Be so entirely awesome and fun all day long that your photographer wishes she has known you forever and is moderately depressed when her professional duties are over.

Lacey and Peter blew me away with their amazing wedding reception. It was such a genuine representation of themselves and their ingenuity. It truly showcased the depth of their relationships of their friends and family, as everyone really came together to make the event go off without a hitch. 

The general party atmosphere they created…it was such an honor to capture. Events like this don’t JUST HAPPEN. The demeanor and stress level of a wedding event totally trickles down from the couple themselves. Lacey and Peter were calm, loving, and ready to have a rager. It was so so so much fun. 

The two had their wedding ceremony at the South Coast Botanic Garden earlier in the day. I can't wait to share that, also!

Wedding photographed by Brittany and Jayrol.

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