Chasing Shadows


*image and words imported from instagram*

"I spent the first 7 years chasing light. Now, I find myself chasing the shadows."

During a comfortable conversation about life, decorating, art, and more, I found myself blurting this out to a friend over coffee. "I spent the first 7 years chasing light. Now, I find myself chasing the shadows." It was like a lightbulb went off in my mind. I have felt my photography style and motivations changing over the last 6 months, but I haven't been able to put it into words...or even really tried.

This is why taking a break is so important. This is why Pajama Friends are so important. (Friends who can come over, even when you are in your pajamas and the house it a wreck. The mess doesn't matter, so long as you can spend a few quality minutes talking stream-of-conscious style over a cup of coffee and a Little Debbie snack, because that's all you have in your pantry.) So, thanks @jessicasews for being my Pajama Friend. For being such a helpful creative soundboard. For having high artistic standards that are a total inspiration 😘



*image and words imported from instagram*

Choosing my "Featured Weddings" for the new site has me all 😢 I really believe I have the best clients, and choosing between their events is sooooo hard. Some of the most down to earth couples with amazing attitudes and crazy fun families/friends have managed to find me over the last 4 years in Los Angeles. 

They understand (and I believe) that the moment and the memory should always trump the production (production of the event, photo, whatever). The consequence of this ethos? A chill as f*ck PARTY. A real, relaxed, in yo face CELEBRATION OF LOVE. 

With the right people, the right partners, the right mindset, this job really doesn't get old 😚

This image is one of my all-time favorites: in the towncar, on the way to the ceremony, Toru looks at Jenn and he just CANNOT BELIEVE he is so lucky. I kinda feel like that. #gratitude