Creative Portraits, Wandering Around Highland Park

On Halloween this year, after #momming hardcore in the morning at 2 separate pre-school costume parades, I made my way to the Ruby Street co-working. I had my big camera with me, and made a day of exploration and playing with my craft. It spurred one of my 2019 resolutions/creative exercises: Bring my big camera with me wherever I go EVERY DAY. Shoot EVERY DAY.

My 2018 word/vibe was a combination of EXPANSION and GIVING. I just wanted to give of myself, my talent and expertise, and be of service to the thriving creative community around me. Through this, I trusted that expansion would follow, and it did. BKM Photography has some incredibly exciting things brewing for 2019. I’m closing out 2018 full of gratitude and love, and I just want to spread it around.

Here’s a bit of what I captured that day:

Lourdes Hernández,   Russian Red

Lourdes Hernández, Russian Red

Claudia Casanova,     One Darling Day

Claudia Casanova, One Darling Day

Cory Sargeant,   Sargeant PR

Cory Sargeant, Sargeant PR

Daniella and Andanette, the sisters behind   Ponderosa Cactus

Daniella and Andanette, the sisters behind Ponderosa Cactus

Clare ’s latest creation for  HiPPO

Clare’s latest creation for HiPPO


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Chasing Shadows


*image and words imported from instagram*

"I spent the first 7 years chasing light. Now, I find myself chasing the shadows."

During a comfortable conversation about life, decorating, art, and more, I found myself blurting this out to a friend over coffee. "I spent the first 7 years chasing light. Now, I find myself chasing the shadows." It was like a lightbulb went off in my mind. I have felt my photography style and motivations changing over the last 6 months, but I haven't been able to put it into words...or even really tried.

This is why taking a break is so important. This is why Pajama Friends are so important. (Friends who can come over, even when you are in your pajamas and the house it a wreck. The mess doesn't matter, so long as you can spend a few quality minutes talking stream-of-conscious style over a cup of coffee and a Little Debbie snack, because that's all you have in your pantry.) So, thanks @jessicasews for being my Pajama Friend. For being such a helpful creative soundboard. For having high artistic standards that are a total inspiration 😘


First of the Season

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For their album cover.

I'm seriously so full of butterflies and anticipation for this engagement/wedding season. This year, I've been riding a tsunami of creative energy, having a blast with personal projects, and incorporating film into all aspects of my work + life. I've been looking forward to yesterday's engagement session to kick off my official season, and it could NOT have been better! Lacey and Peter are sweet, funny, goofy, gorgeous, and most of all - they really dig each other.

Thanks for a great afternoon, dudes!@larrylulu YOU'RE NEXT.


*image and words imported from instagram*

Choosing my "Featured Weddings" for the new site has me all 😢 I really believe I have the best clients, and choosing between their events is sooooo hard. Some of the most down to earth couples with amazing attitudes and crazy fun families/friends have managed to find me over the last 4 years in Los Angeles. 

They understand (and I believe) that the moment and the memory should always trump the production (production of the event, photo, whatever). The consequence of this ethos? A chill as f*ck PARTY. A real, relaxed, in yo face CELEBRATION OF LOVE. 

With the right people, the right partners, the right mindset, this job really doesn't get old 😚

This image is one of my all-time favorites: in the towncar, on the way to the ceremony, Toru looks at Jenn and he just CANNOT BELIEVE he is so lucky. I kinda feel like that. #gratitude