Hello! I’m Brittany

I don’t just craft your story, I thrive on hearing and sharing it.

Midwestern by birth, raised in the South, Los Angeles for life. I’ve been shooting weddings since 2011, for my own company since 2012.

This is where many photographers will wax poetic about how they’ve dreamt of working in weddings since they were children. I definitely did not - but stick with me, I f*cking LOVE my work. Weddings are about people. And I love people. I love to get to know my couples. I love to love them. I thrive on the deep connection we have, and I leave every wedding hugging my brides and grooms, parents, and friends. I cry at least once during every wedding (or three times, if I’m being honest). To be a witness at these events and to have the images I create become a part of a family’s history – there is no bigger honor.

When I'm not shooting, editing, or planning to take over the world, you may find me: drinking a beer in my backyard, hosting regular Spaghetti Sundays for friends, searching far and wide for the best eats in Greater Los Angeles, dancing inappropriately to live music, or pushing a stroller around my beloved Highland Park neighborhood.