Associate photographer




I feel honored to be such a big part of one of the most intimate experiences a couple will ever share.  I work to form relationships with and get to know the unique personality of my clients so that I can ensure that each couple is left with artistic wedding photographs that compliment their unique styles. 

The camera is a tool that allows us to freeze and hold on to moments that so often go unnoticed by the mind. The most beautiful photos to me are the ones where I am able to portray the natural beauty and emotion of the person I am photographing. 

When not working on wedding photography I can usually be found with my camera in hand taking photos of friends and family or a stranger on the street. I love getting to know people and enjoy telling their stories through my photos. Life is one big adventure and I am constantly seeking out new and exciting experiences at home and around the world. 

From Brittany...

I'm so happy to have Jayrol with BKM Photography. As well as leading weddings and events apart, we often work together. It is always a blast. I love having him around on a wedding day, and you will too ;)

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