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FROM Rhea...

I fell in love with photography at young age. My mom was a wedding photographer so in a way maybe it was meant to be. I remember developing negatives with her in the darkroom of her college when I was young. Photography was my hobby and I was passionate about it... always creating and exploring seeing things around me in a different way than anyone else. The small details and the simple moments from the day are what inspire me. 
Who am I? 
I am a significant other, a big sister, a mommy to an active little girl and I love people, nature and the “crunch” my shutter makes when I take a picture. I grew up in San Diego, lived in Florida for a year (hurricanes yuck), then college in Chicago before moving back to my true home of sunny SoCal.

Ask me anything and I will talk your ear off… 

Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still
— Dorthea Lang
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From Brittany...

I'm so happy to have Rhea with BKM Photography. As well as leading weddings and events apart, we work together. We also try to hang out together as much as possible (which is entirely not enough for two busy working moms). Rhea makes everyone around her instantly comfortable - a great quality for someone meant to photograph your most intimate moments! I love spending time with Rhea, and you'll love to have her on your wedding day, too :)