Frequently Asked Questions:

+ Ok, how much is this going to cost?

Full wedding packages begin at $3000, and every package includes an engagement session, high resolution digital images, and sales tax.

No matter your budget, please don't hesitate to reach out. We create custom quotes for very intimate events, elopements, and weekday affairs.

+ Do you sell prints?

All collections are hosted for a limited time on an online gallery service called Pic-Time. Through Pic-Time, you can purchase high quality professional prints.

+ Can I print my images on my own?

High resolution digital images are included with every package. We export our .jpgs for delivery with no size restrictions. You can take them anywhere and print them just as large as we can.

+ How much editing/retouching do you do?

We shoot all of our images in RAW format (we’re getting nerdy, stick with us!) and they must be processed through Adobe Lightroom to become .jpgs. During this process we use a select few film-emulation presets for a classic color profile that is familiar and proven to have aesthetic longevity. On the day-of, we are sure to use light in a flattering way, and it’s important to us that the final collection is an accurate representation of the events. Further retouching is offered upon request, on an as-need basis, and possibly for an additional fee.

To give you reference – 95% of the images on the BKM Photography website, blog posts, and instagram are not retouched. Simply edited. That is the caliber of work you can expect to receive in your gallery.

+ How many images will we receive?

We don’t include image numbers in our contracts, and delivery amount is as variable as every unique event. We never delete photos that are awesome just to get down to a certain number. If we shoot it and it’s good, we keep it! But to give you a general range, you can expect about 60 images per hour (1 per minute, it’s a lot!).

+ I hate getting my photo taken! How do all of your couples look so fun and relaxed?

Our style is candid and our portrait direction is full of movement. Someone walking, cuddling, and laughing with their love is going to look beautiful in a photograph. We DO direct and pose as needed! But it’s for guidance, never for a stiff final capture.

+ We don’t want an engagement shoot – can we get a discount?

Engagement shoots are integral in our process and style. They are not required, but they are highly recommended so that you can get to know your photographer and get comfortable being photographed by them. They learn how you like to be photographed and directed. For this reason, engagement sessions are free, and zero dollars are deducted if you choose not to book one.

+ Backups – talk to me!

Every lead photographer is required to have a backup camera body and lenses on your wedding day. They are required to simultaneously record your images to two separate memory cards (a feature of most professional camera bodies). This ensures that your images are safe from memory card corruption. When the images arrive to the studio, they are downloaded to our hard drive, backup drive, and the cloud! We maintain these backups through the delivery of your images. Upon delivery, you are responsible for the backup and protection of your collection.

+ Why do I need a second shooter?

You don’t NEED a second shooter, but you might appreciate the additional perspective. Most modern wedding inspo (blog, magazine, etc) have at least 2 shooters. If you’ve put a lot of time into your décor decisions: realize it may be difficult for a single shooter to comprehensively cover your design if they are prioritizing people (like ceremony and family photos, important stuff!).

Talk to us! We’re happy to walk-through your specific timeline and needs to give you our honest opinion.